Vasant Vihar、Anand Niketan、Shanti Niketan | Nearby Information

  • Vasant Vihar、Anand Niketan、Shanti Niketan、Westend
Vasant Vihar、Anand Niketan、Shanti Niketan | Surrounding Map

Vasant Vihar、Anand Niketan、Shanti Niketan | Surrounding Map

A quiet luxury residential area, which is close to the area where many foreign residents live and many embassies gather.
It is close to the Japanese school and it is popular among families. It is close to the international & domestic airport also.

Vasant Vihar · · · Main market is C (liquor store ⇒ Vasant Vihar's only liquor store · post office etc.)
In Vasant Vihar there are also small block markets such as A (daily necessities, cleaner shops, sweets shops in India, family doctors etc.), D (mainly banks), E (daily necessities, vegetables, meat shops, drugstores, etc.) In addition, there is Basant Lok which is famous for fast food restaurants.

Anand Niketan / Shanti Niketan / Westend · · · There is a small market in the colony but not very practical, so you need to buy it to the market in Vasant Vihar and other markets. Vegetables and everyday items can be covered with small shops.